Monday, January 13, 2014

I'll buy you and you and you and you!

The 14 for 14 PSN sale starting tomorrow is kinda' crazy.  Highlights include (for PS+ subscribers): Crysis 3 for five bucks, Enslaved for five bucks, Fay Cry 3 : Blood Dragon for $3.75, The Puppeteer for $7 and The Wolf Among Us season pass for $13.50.  Things are a bit awesomer on the Vita, with Killzone Mercenary for $9, Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker for $5, Spelunky for $3.75, The Walking Dead (complete first season)  for $5 and Velocity Ultra for $2.

I am definitely picking up a digital copy of Mercenary at that price, I'm heavily tempted by Crysis 3 and The Puppeteer, and I'm leaning towards The Walking Dead on Vita, even though I've heard pretty bad things about the framerate of that version.

Check out the full list over at the PlayStation Blog.


  1. I was SO close to buying Killzone last night for full price. My 4 year-old was anxious to leave, though, so we hit the road and made muffins at home.

    That little scamp and those muffins saved me $30. Sweet.

  2. I don't regret paying full price a bit - it's kind of a landmark game for handhelds.