Thursday, January 30, 2014

The Sly Cooper movie trailer... a real thing.

I like Sly's design, but Murray looks... dumber.  And I don't like that you can see Bentley's eyes.  All the changes are wrong.  Change frightens and confuses me.

Also, you'll likely notice that - while they have the original voice actors for Murray and Bentley, Sly's voice has changed.  The folks behind the movie said this over at their Facebook page:
"Please know, the cast of the Sly Cooper movie has not been finalized. Though we are fans of Kevin Miller’s work, as well as all those who were part of the great Sly Cooper games, we cannot comment on who will be in the film at this time. We greatly appreciate everyone’s comments and support for Sly Cooper, and will make sure to keep this all in mind as we enter production."

I'm usually prepared to give video game movies an extra chance.  I actually own that abhorrent Mark Wahlberg Max Payne, DOOM, Hitman, both Silent Hills and all the Resident Evil movies - so given my love for Sly, this is probably gonna' happen.

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