Monday, February 10, 2014

Darkest Dungeon is up on Kickstarter!

The above trailer is actually - stupidly enough - exclusive to GT (I guess they wanted fewer people to see it?) [update] for one day, I guess [/update], so go there if you want to watch it on their weird proprietary player.  Until the above YouTube rip gets taken down, however, enjoy it however you please!

Darkest Dungeon is, of course, the ultra-stylish 2D Lovecraftian dungeon crawl with psychological damage we got a glimpse of last October.  A... now up, and already almost two-thirds of the way to meetings its $75,000 goal.  I strongly encourage you to head over there and read the entire Kickstarter page, 'cause this game sounds awesome. For me, the most thrilling part was the discussion of its platforms (PC and Mac), and the mention that they are "very interested in consoles."

Naturally, I gave Corsi and Ahmad a heads-up.

Fingers crossed!

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