Monday, February 24, 2014

Dragon's Crown goes on sale for $17.50 tomorrow.

Dragon's Crown, the title that dominated my Game of the Year 2013 deliberations and walked away with the big prize, will get the biggest sale of its young life tomorrow when it becomes available for $17.49 on PS3 and Vita to PS+ subscribers, and $24.99 to those without.

Kris?  It's time to buy Dragon's Crown.

The sale itself is pretty huge, with all kinds of cool stuff getting pretty major sales - Ni No Kuni, Guacamelee, The Wold Among Us, Velocity Ultra, Killzone Mercenary, Hotline Miami and Castlestorm are all present, here. Check out the full list over on the PlayStation Blog.


  1. Even though I've had this on PS3 since release, I double dipped and got it for my Vita.

    1. I think Dragon's Crown is the only PS3-gen game I've bought four times - PS3 physical, PS3 digial, Vita physical, Vita digital - and I wish I had some backup physical copies. If I ever find some $20 sealed copies in stores (I never will), those things are getting bought. Hard.