Tuesday, February 18, 2014

The Order 1886 trailer & gameplay footage!

Eee!  The media's been hyping this for weeks!  They saw 40 minutes of gameplay last month, and now, finally, we get...

...um.  That... oh come on!  That's your trailer?  Is that seriously supposed to give me the Uncharted 2 debut trailer tingles?  'Cause it didn't. Twenty seconds of in-engine footage does not a trailer make.

But okay - okay, we get three minutes of B roll footage - that's worth checkin' out... (Thank you, AGB, for giving it to us without some silly journalist talking over it.)

Too bad it's compressed YouTube quality... not... not very pleased.  It's gorgeous, but it looks suffocatingly linear. It's my fault.  I over-hyped it to myself.  ...here's another big, beautiful screenshot - and the hope that one day we'll get pure, uncompressed footage to judge.

A nice long gameplay demo at E3, maybe.



  1. "Too bad it's compressed YouTube quality"

    My Sony UK PR contact says he won't give me the uncompressed footage :( It's not available on the Press site either.

  2. Endless, you're the only one who gave it to us without a voice over - you do your part, and then some ^.^