Friday, February 7, 2014

Traverser. Hm.

Observe :

A city built along a gravitational plate - the rich above, the poor below - at the bottom of the ocean in a world in which oxygen has become the most valuable commodity.  Hm.  No word on if it's a platformer or an adventure game or a what, but this appears to be a screenshot.



  1. It's an upcoming game. Traverser by Gatling Goat Studios, Sweden, was greenlit by Steam Community on 26 June 2014 -, link has more info on the game and there are quite a few reviews around. This is one of them that I particularly like, by Lady Wasd

  2. Traverser is presently the third runner up in the competion "Guldchipset" - a competition organized by Estrella (snack producer) to support the Swedish Indie Game Scene. Please hype, I am looking forward to play this att DreamHack 2014, Stockholm, Sweden.