Sunday, March 23, 2014

Game Diary - Luftrausers, Second Son and Dark Souls.

I've no idea when it occurred in the past year, but at some point Luftrausers went from "meh" to "I'll check that out."

Now that I've checked it out, I'm back to meh again.  I can't imagine wanting to play it on my big screen, and I'm not actually having all that much fun with it on my Vita.  This seems to be one of those games that will click, and after a bit less than a week, it refuses to do so.  Strategies don't seem to have much of an impact on how long I survive, and for the life of me, battleships just keep kickin' my ass, so I can't seem to make a blimp spawn (if that's even what makes blimps spawn?).

Today, though, the PlayStation Blog reminded me that SteamWorld Dig had launched with the latest PSN update, so that will be my next thing to taste-test on Vita.

Luftrausers is a game I want to like, but... I don't, thus far.  I appreciate its minimal four-tone color palette, I love its soundtrack, and I don't have much fun playing it.

It's really, really, ridiculously good-looking. 

I'm also terribly sad to admit I enjoyed inFamous: Second Son less than any previous inFamous game.  And when I say "enjoyed" I mean, yes, it released on Friday and I already beat it.  I beat it Saturday afternoon, as a matter of fact, and then started over to see how much things change when you go with evil karma (hint: combat's a lot funner, and that's pretty much it).

A lot of it comes down to precisely what a lot of reviews have praised it on - locomotion.  I'll go in to it in greater depth in the review, but the short version is I miss grinding power lines, there's no equivalent in Second Son, and they've dialed back the platforming's "stickyness" to the point that it's actually a lot harder to get where you want to go.

You're no doubt aware that smoke and neon are only the first two power palettes you earn in Second Son, but I'm afraid things never get any funner than smoke - and the third power is just stupid.

I love you, Sucker Punch, but that third power is stupid and I don't like it.

I'll put more time into inFamous: Second Son - often my affection for inFamous titles deepens over time - but I'll admit I really wish I was just gettin' back to Dark Souls II.

Here, at the close of the first quarter, Dark Souls II is the best thing I've played thus far in 2014.  Like Demon's Souls, it viciously seizes upon my imagination and entices me to return to its beautiful, magical dark fantasy world.

The kid in me salivates at the thought of all the ancient cities, castles, forests and crypts that remain untouched.  The joy of exploration, here, is as vibrant and dazzling as the 'play itself - and I long to see what unspeakable foes lay in wait to kill me, and be killed in return.

I wonder if I can put some time into it before Family Guy comes on...

Sorry for the lack of post, yesterday.  You understand.  March has been pretty insane, in terms of games that need playin'.

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