Friday, March 7, 2014

The Galak-Z announcement I've been waiting for.

It's coming to Vita.

Galak-Z has long been my most-anticipated indie for PS4, but each time I watched a trailer and (nearly) every time I wrote a post about it, I would lament the fact that it was coming to PS4, but not Vita.  Direct quotes:
"I wish this thing was coming to Vita, but I guess I'm okay with it coming to PS4."
-19 minutes of sweet, sweet Galak-Z- 

"Why this isn't on Vita I have no idea."
-I can't believe I didn't have a Galak-Z label-

You'll no doubt recall, Galak-Z is an intergalactic 2D roguelike with some sweet physics-based rocket-powered locomotion (and spaceship stealth!), developed by the folks behind Skulls of the Shogun and voiced by the guy who plays Dean in Venture Bros.

"Oh my God it's like they're making out with my soul."
-the Sony E3 presser breakdown-
This is the best Vita news since Muramasa Rebirth.  Every time I watched footage of this game, I couldn't help imagining how lovely it would be to cart around on my Vita, playing on couches and breaks at work. Like the Arkham Knight announcement, it's exactly what I wanted to hear.  Here, have an old trailer.

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