Thursday, April 17, 2014

Alien: Isolation continues to look fantastic.

I was scrolling through the latest gamey stuff today when I scrolled past an Alien: Isolation dev diary, and reflected that it's one of those games that's wayyy high up on my hype list.  "Maybe you should, y'know, watch the dev diary?" said the little voice in my head.

"Why?  I already know I'm getting it - it looks awesome - I don't need more convincing."

"But it'll be cool," said the little voice.  Oh, alright... well, it turns out four dev diaries have gone by that I didn't pay attention to.  Shame on me.  I didn't even know that it's dropping October 7th!   How do you spell "preordered?"  Like this:

This is gonna' be so smexy.

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