Wednesday, April 23, 2014

So many games...

Ohhh it's just exhausting, darling.

I tried out the first few missions in Octodad last night and yeah... it seriously works.  It does what it's trying to do well, and I want to spend more time with it.

Things on the Vita have been yet more exciting.  Two weeks ago I was enjoying another playthrough of Guacamelee, but most recently I discovered Dead Nation's Vita version is its most appetizing iteration, to yours truly.  It now has the distinction of being the second Housemarque game I've beaten (if "beaten" can be applied to Housemarque games).

After completing it, I... actually went ahead and bought the Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster bundle.

There's like some sort of water-globe sports thing and then a giant water ball destroys the city and sucks up Blond Guy, and now Blond Guy is all alone in some weird ruins and... all I can do in combat is attack and use items.
It's fucking boring.

I don't know why.  Maybe it was because I enjoyed Lightning Returns so much and I was like "maybe I can like a Final Fantasy," maybe it was just because all of its screenshots were so hot-looking and there aren't enough hot-looking triple-As on Vita, but I bought it.  I put about an hour into the first game.  I stopped playing it.

I know an RPG, as a general rule, takes longer than an hour to show its stripes - a rule that's doubly true for JRPGs - so maybe I'll give it a second chance, later on.  I grabbed Pixeljunk Monsters Ultimate HD's Vita version (as it's been added to the PS+ free games collection), but haven't touched it, yet.

I ended up turning on Dragon's Crown and it's like ohhh shit.

I kill dragons.

This game just clicks back into place, in my mind.  Everything works so beautifully, and the game flows into endless dungeon chains and non-stop brawling action, all while being absolutely gorgeous.

No regrets about the 2013 GotY deliberations.  No regrets.  But now - unless I want to continue on with FFX (no) or check out Pixeljunk Monsters (eh...), my Vita has returned to being my Dragon's Crown machine... which feels like I'm limiting its potential.

Y'know what's on my mind?  The fact that there are no reviews for Starlight Inception.

Like, anywhere.  No reviews of the PC version, no reviews of the Vita version.

That could mean one of three shitty things :

1 : The game is so small-time no game outlet gives enough shits to pay one of their reviewers to spend time with it.

2 : Escape Hatch Entertainment knows it's a shitty game that will get shitty reviews, so they aren't providing the media with any copies for review.

3 : The media have received review copies and have played the game, but the game is so shitty they're doing Escape Hatch the courtesy of not posting their damning reviews, so as not to hurt early sales (which are the most important in a game's life cycle).

Well, shit.

The thing is, I look at these screens, and that is totally a game I want to like.  That's a game I want to check out.  And Starlight Inception is a game I've been following for a year, now.

It was - I declared at the time - the first Kickstarted game I'd heard of to be headed to Vita.  I was ravenous for news on it for months afterwards, regularly updated the blog with any new news I could find - the modern spawn of Wing Commander and TIE Fighter on Vita?

Oh my God, that still sounds so hot.

Then I got my hands on its "Beta" in early November.  It was... not good.  Not fun, perhaps I should say,

And now, it's out, and I've... turned my back on it.

I'm diggin' my grave, I'm diggin' my grave
My road to hell is surely paved
With all the love that I never gave
And maybe... I dunno, maybe I should give Starlight Inception some love.  Just for hope's sake.

Just to see.  Just to know.

God, I'd hate to give a little, indie, Kickstarted game a bad review.  But y'know what?  Fuck it.  I reached out months ago to those guys to send any press kits or info on the game my way so I could get the word out,  and even after replying to me, months go by and they never drop me so much as a screenshot.

Fuck it.  I'm gonna' buy their game and tell you if it sucks.

That'll show 'em.

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