Thursday, April 17, 2014

The cool powers we didn't get in inFamous: Second Son.

Endless happened across this today - the concept art of Levi Hopkins, who worked on inFamous: Second Son.  His work comes as a bitter pill after how disappointing I found most of the powers in Second Son, detailing some that I seriously would have preferred, at least in concept - powers that they actually alluded to in the game.  Namely, glass

and wire.

I find wire and glass about as silly as Augustine's concrete power - but with glass in particular, I can perceive a lot of fun utility I didn't really feel with anything beyond smoke.

Oh, also, there's a rumor that a new Prince of Persia is coming with the UbiArt Framework engine, and apparently when Respawn approached Sony about getting what would eventually become Titanfall on PS4, Sony said "we're not ready to talk about next-gen stuff yet, put it on our new thing, the Vita!"


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