Monday, April 21, 2014

Three Things - variety!

1 - The Kickstarter for Hover is up and at 'em - already halfway towards its goal - so invest, if you're of the mind, or just read up on what the fine folks at Midgar Studio have in mind.

Me wantie.

2 - I watched a lot of Netflix over the weekend, 'cause I'm trying to keep my mind off of certain things.  Did you know that Rambo doesn't actually kill anyone in Rambo: First Blood?  Everyone spends the whole movie talking about how badass he is, how dangerous he is, how lucky everyone is that Rambo didn't just kill 'em - but the worst he does is get a pair of dudes into a car accident - which is an effective segue into Trigun.  Never watched Trigun.  Dunno why.  Was always kinda' curious about it, in the same way I'm kinda' curious about Gungrave - but last night I checked out the movie Trigun: Badlands Rumble and immediately started watching the series.

A lot of the pics you'll find if you Google Trigun look a lot like the one above - all broody and dark and super-dramatic.  That's not the show.  Like, at all.  The show is a lot of this:

It stars Vash the Stampede, a legendary outlaw with the mind-boggling bounty of sixty billion double-dollars on his head.  He's feared far and wide as the most dangerous man in the world, as, when Vash comes to down, that town is likely about to suffer some calamity of biblical proportions.

Vash only sort-of lives up to his name.  He is supernaturally skilled with a pistol in one hand.  He's essentially unkillable, able to dodge bullets he didn't see you fire, and calmly able to topple enemies a hundred times his size - but nobody believes it when they meet him, because he's a total goofball, often only revealing his remarkable abilities when it also provides room for comedy.

He wouldn't hurt a fly - including the man aiming a cannon at him.  Vash never.  Kills.  Anyone.  Period.  He's got a gigantic, badass pistol, but the worst he'll do is wing you with it - and even then, not if he can just shoot the gun out of your hand.

No, Vash prefers to promote love and peace, and he wanders the wastelands of his cool sci-fi western world in search of... something.  He's tailed by the Insurance Company reps who have to protect property from his exploits and are constantly watching him walk directly into any trouble he can find.  He'll moonwalk into hostage situations to ensure everyone gets out alive and kick the crap out of a clutch of bounty hunters via slapstick, doing his best to hide his supernatural skill with a dazzling veneer of stupidity.  To skillfully navigate such scenarios, he presents himself, 99% of the time, as a bumbling, horny buffoon - tripping and mugging and screaming for help like a coward when people are trying to kill him, to ensure they have no idea of how dangerous he actually is.  He's pretty hilarious.

There is a bit of this,

but it's mostly this,

and, at least once an episode, this:


3 - Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 totally hyped me for The God of War Collection coming to Vita.

I want to be playing God of War II on my Vita like, yesterday.

Remember the Hydra fight?  I'm going to boot up the first game just to play the Hydra fight again.

Also, there's this part of me that's seriously tempted by the FFX and X-2 bundle.  I've heard such good things...

Oh well.  There'll be plenty of stuff to get off PSN in the coming weeks.  Octodad tomorrow!


  1. im really glad that you liked Trigun, its one of my favorites. here is the continuation of the original anime and manga. the guy changed publishers and had to change the name too but its a direct continuation of where the anime left off. it gets super serious and dark too. goes into the background and history of the world a lot more. wonderful stuff

  2. Trigun is one of my favorites as well. It's such a good show.