Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Yes, The Last of Us is coming to PS4.

Confirmed today over at the PlayStation Blog, but lemmie' break it down for you in point form.

  • The up-port is being done by Naughty Dog themselves.
  • 1080p
  • "Targeting" 60FPS
  • Higher-res character models. 
  • Improved shadowing and lighting. 
  • Upgraded textures "along with even more improvements."
  • Will include "an exclusive director’s commentary for all in-game cinematics featuring Creative Director and Writer, Neil Druckmann," along with Troy Baker (Joel) and Ashley Johnson (Ellie).  Very cool.
  • Contains the Left Behind DLC, along with the Abandoned Territories multiplayer map pack, and Reclaimed Territories pack. 
  • Doesn't support cross-save or cross-play.
  • Multiplayer progress from the PS3 version will not carry over.
  • Coming "Summer 2014" (my money's on June). 
Yeah, alright.  I'll buy it again. 

Of course I will.  Tomb Raider's still, currently, the best game on the PS4, and it's an up-port too.  Heck, I feel the platform could use more.  Far Cry 3 anyone?


  1. It's hard to imagine The Last of Us looking any better than it already did.

    1. I'm really looking forward to a taste of what a "next-gen" Naughty Dog game looks like.