Sunday, April 6, 2014

You still got it, Kojima.

I finished my second run of inFamous: Second Son today, and find most of my complaints still stand.  Then, I put aside two hours and played through Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes.  Everything you've heard about its length is true - now that I've seen it, I can perceive one zipping through "the campaign" in under twenty minutes, if they so choose - which is more than a bit of an affront to our sense of what a forty dollar game should provide - but I... really liked it.

Once I beat it, a bunch of side-missions opened up - other directed missions in this little open world Kojima's put together, but that's not what endeared me to Ground Zeroes.  I've been playing and loving Metal Gear games for so long, there's something intrinsically comforting about what Kojima reliably offers, and in many ways GZ feels like coming home - but what really impressed me was a few rumbles of the controller.

Kojima has always been a bit extra-original, extra-creative when it comes to how his games communicate themselves to the player, and in GZ there's a moment where Snake comes across an ally he fears may be dead.  He does what anyone with a semblance of medical training would do - he silently reaches out and puts two fingers to the throat of his friend.

Thump-thump... the pulse is weak, felt through the Dualshock 4.  Thump-thump... but it's there.  He says nothing, but he knows his friend is alive - and so do we.  We both felt that proof of life.

A silent moment no movie or novel or TV show or comic book or cartoon could ever provide.  Only a game.

Oh Kojima, it's so lovely.  You still got it.  

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