Friday, May 23, 2014

Dear PlayStation,

The Order: 1886 looks so, so good, based on what media who've seen pure gameplay have to say.  But me, the rest of the world - gamers at large?  Have never seen it.

We want to see footage of a game that looks this good:

We want to get as hyped as the journalists are telling us we should be, but you won't let us see it.

When are you going to give us pure, undiluted, direct-feed footage?  Ever since the game's reveal it's been nothing but heavily-artefacted, framerate-molested YouTube videos and now, today's Twitch stream.  The best version I can find of said video is this one, which cuts the 3-minute vid down to 2, but is in near-HD (still heavy on the artefacting, thanks to YouTube's compression):

If you want to see the full, stuttering 3 minutes in sub-HD, it's here (thank you, Endless).

C'mon, PlayStation.  Put out a direct-capture zero-compression .MOV of this thing.  Let us bask in its glory.

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