Thursday, May 29, 2014

Ubisoft's white noise is here to stay.

For a few years now, I've been vocally opposed to the sheer volume of media Ubisoft level at us in the lead-up to their tentpole releases (ACIII, IV, Watch Dogs) - often two years or more of huge gameplay trailers, making-of videos, multiplayer trailers - a cacophony of media that fades into white noise, no video any more intriguing than the last (twenty).

When they announced on Wednesday that Watch Dogs was their most successful new IP launch ever...
“Today we broke the record for the biggest first day sales in Ubisoft history. I can never say it enough: thank you everyone! We love you all for your passion and your creativity.”
...I'm sure there were many a folk who nodded and conceded that Watch Dogs just might be the second coming of videogamedom - but not me, man.  All I could think was "now they'll never stop with their media inundation."  Look how well it pays off.

There's another side to the coin, of course.  There are so many games I'd love to see more footage of - The Order: 1886 is a prime example, Hyper Light Drifter another.  When Assassin's Creed Whatever shows its first big reveal, I'll be fanboying it up with the best of them - and then I'll sit back, and sigh, because I know Ubisoft will hammer us with so much information and so many trailers in the next two years that I'll almost be bored of the game before it releases.

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