Tuesday, June 24, 2014

A few points of interest.

Rail shooter Blue Estate dropped today for PS4.  Twenty bucks for a comedy-driven rail shooter..?  That's actually a bit appealing.  I haven't played a pure rail shooter since House of the Dead on PC, but Blue Estate is controlled entirely by the giros in the Dualshock 4 - that is, you aim by tilting the thing - which sounds awful, but this one guy at IGN says it's cool, so...

On the other hand, it's IGN, so...

Resogun got an update-slash-DLC pack that adds a new mode, lets you play local co-op and design your own ships PLANET EXPRESS SHIP!

Yeah, that's happening.

Also, Atelier Rorona Plus finally landed on Vita, today - the first game in the Arland trilogy and the last to get the Plus treatment - which just reminds me I really need to finish Totori, cause Alchemist of Dusk actually looked pretty cool and if Gust keeps being so cool about making and localizing Vita RPGs, I should probably just get on board.

Today, on my lunch break, I played four games on my Vita.  ("Four games!?" exclaimed Kayla.  "I didn't finish four games," I noted.) I started the tanker chapter on Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty and it just kinda' served to remind me that Kojima's controls used to be willfully terrible.  Then I played a bit of Olli Olli and a bit of Hotline Miami before I tripped, and fell into...

And it's like ohhh shit, son.

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