Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Check out the Dead Island 2 heroes!

Looks like the Dead Island character types are all here - you've got Blunt Object Melee Guy, Throwing Stuff Guy (with a priest's collar?), Ranged Weapons Girl and Sharp Weapons Girl.  I am totally playing as Sharp Weapons Girl (again).  Here, lemmie crop a close-up of her and her badassery...

Hmm.  Looks like Lena Hedley in fitness gear.  I can dig it.

"This new zombie California invites you to become the ultimate hero of the apocalypse to explore a dynamic, bright, and beautiful open world where you and your friends fight endless zombie hordes with your handcrafted weapons. The combat system of the game has been redone from scratch to provide a more visceral experience and control than ever before, and you will need this control to overcome all the dynamic challenges and new enemy types the game will throw at you."

You're screwing with the combat system?  Ohhh boy Yager you better not mess this up.

"But the element we are most proud of is the seamless, social multiplayer. Here is where everything comes together to create a shared survival, dynamic open world — experience! Eight players are constantly sharing a world and it is up to you if you want to cooperate, compete or simply coexist. This creates the ultimate zombie playground where you can live this second chance in life."

Okay, that sounds cool.


  1. I'd say that's more Lizzy Caplan inspired.


    1. (Checks). Stickin' with Lena. Same mouth, nose and eyebrows.

  2. I'm just relived they decided to stick with the melee. You KNOW the guys upstairs wanted to stick guns on the cover.

    And I love your e3 frenzies, by the by, and I realized my last couple comments were weirdly snippy.

    Don't know why that is.

  3. Snippy? No, it didn't offend in the least. I'm still glowing at the concept that someone "loves my E3 frenzies." ^.^ Thank you!