Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Counter Spy just moved up on my hype list.

GameTrailers doesn't seem to have its live stream going - my usual haunt for E3 - so I checked out GameSpot's conversations with the No Man's Sky creator, and stuck around for CounterSpy.  I am glad I did - it looks wonderful.

The interview reveals that every level in CounterSpy is procedurally generated.  An infinitely-replayable stealth game!  Be still my beating heart.  I wish I could find some of the gameplay I'm seeing.  Set in a world that's a bit like The Incredibles meets retro-cheese cold-war James Bond, it runs along in two dimensions right up until it doesn't need to.  You'll be running down a hallway and take cover behind a crate, and your view switches to seeing up the hallway.  The agent selects from an assortment of weapons, picks one, and aims at a guard down the hall to pop their head with a silent weapon.

The Agent doesn't work for the west or the east, but an agency that concerns itself with ensuring the world doesn't destroy itself in a nuclear apocalypse.  As you carry out missions within both east and west facilities, you need to manage "the defcon level," and once it "goes to defcon," you have to blitz the level you're in to get to the launch computer and stop the launch.

While the levels are random, as you do more in the game you unlock more blueprints, weapons and items - and these are what your character saves and brings in to their next adventure.  Looks very stylish, it's cross-buy, coming to PS4, PS3 and Vita, and will be out this summer.  The dev says they're "Super close now."

Very excited.  Now, to see if I can find out what's going on with Galak-Z...

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