Monday, June 9, 2014

E3 2014 - the Electronic Arts presser.

Electronics Arts are usually pretty reliable for showing off a ton of games and nothin' but - so heeere we go!

Star Wars Battlefront!  Dragon Age Inquisition!

I think my stream lagged out a bit there.  Shit.  Wonder what I missed.

"The Next Mass Effect Game."  A bunch of devs talking about what they want the game to be.  The Montreal is working on Mass Effect, the Edmonton studio is working on a brand new IP. Annnd nothing else.  Okay.

The next generation of The Sims is up next.  Not caring.

UFC's up.  They're talking about Bruce Lee...

Now they're talking about a hockey game... blehhh...

Stop sucking, EA.  Your press conference is sucking compared to MS.

Looks like Criterion (Burnout) is working on... a Helicopter game?  They're talking about how they've gotten rid of the desks at the office... okay...

ATVs, helicopters, boats, wingsuits, parachutes, planes... they're not even going to name the game!  Omigod.

Now they're talking about golf..?  You're killin' me, EA.  You're killin' me.

Now they're talking about football.  Am I dying?

Now they're talking about Dawngate, the MOBA they've been working on (its beta's been going on for a while, now).


A bunch of developers talking... a tiny snippet of gameplay... combat looks much-improved... annnd no release window.  Go screw, EA.

Now they're talking about FIFA.  Sigh. Narrated by Idris Elba.  That's cool.  Still soccer.  Don't care.

Battlefield: Hardline's up... it's that trailer that was leaked last week... and now we get some multiplayer.  Looks solid!  They're going to launch the Battlefield Hardline beta today - PC + PS4. Turn on your console, go to Battlefield 4, click on the live tile and play it.

And that's EA's show.

You suck, EA.

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