Monday, June 9, 2014

E3 2014 - the Microsoft presser.

Microsoft - when they're not talking about TV streaming and Kinect titles - tend to have some pret-ty awesome gaming content in their conference.  Strap yourselves in 'cause heeere weee go!

Phil spencer's up... "We dedicate this entire show to games."

If they actually do that, it'll be an awesome show!

Activision and Sledgehammer games... Call of Duty: Advancaed Warfare - Xbox gets all of the ad-ons first (no surprise).  Full gameplay demo!

Okay, I'll admit it, this is the most-interested I've ever been in a Call of Duty game.  I loves me some near-future science fiction.

Yeah okay that was pretty cool.

Now they're talkin' about Forza 5.  There's some special race track that's coming to Forza 5... today!  Before it's on any other next-gen console - and it's free!

Nice move, MS!

Now, Forza Horizon 2.... it uses Forza 5's engine, has over 200 cars and runs in 1080p - your Drivatar from Forza 5 will translate over to Horizon 2.  Release date: Sept 30th, 2014.


Evolve's up next.   Trailer!  Beta + DLC first on Xbox... still kinda' meh on that one.  Coming this fall!

Ubisoft's Vincent Pontbriand - Assassin's Creed Unity is exclusively next-gen.  Set in 18th century Paris - cool!

"ACU also marks the first time you'll be able to form your own brotherhood and join up to three friends."  Gameplay demo!

Hmmm not new animations... Four player-controlled assassins storm a mansion in Paris and take down a boble.

Looks wonderful.  Preordered.

Dragon Age Inquisition trailer - coming Oct 7th. Also looks very hot.  Preordered.

Another trailer... army guy shooting army gun...cowering behind boxes... Sunset Overdrive guy shows up and says "cover mechanic, right?" and then runs around the room and kicks everyone's asses.  "You, and your crate are safe now."  Ha!

Fantastic trailer.  Do we get to see gameplay?

We do!  Here's Ted Price.

Excellent demo.  Best look at Sunset we've seen yet.  8-player co-op called Chaos Squad.

October 28th, exclusive on Xbox One.

Showing some Dead Rising 3 footage... looks like DLC!  4-player co-op for Dead Rising 3!

Super Ultra Dead Rising 3 Arcade Remix Arcade Ultra DX Edition available right now on Xbox One!

Oh you're doing well today, MS.

Dance Central is up.  Not caring.  Checking Twitter...

Fable Legends is coming to Xbox One.  Looks like crap after the Dragon Age trailer... looks like 4-player co-op with pre-designed characters... action RPG... not bad!  "In Fable Legends, you can be the villain."  You control the world from above, laying traps, spawning enemies... the hero characters have a lot of chatter.

Multiplayer beta begins this fall.  No release date/window.

New thing... a cartoony hero beats up a bunch of orcs... looks like Project Spark... I wonder when that's comin' out?  1,000,000 creators, it says... is it already out?  And they've got Conker in it.  Okay.

Another trailer!  I'm lovin' this, MS!

A shining thing flies around a dark world... very colorful, very beautiful - looks like a platformer.  Looks fantastic!

Ori and the Blind Forest.  Very nice.

Ohhh Halo music.  Here we go.  "Now Master Chief reveals a deeply personal journey..."  hm.  "Retelling Chief's entire legendary tale... on Nov 11th 2014, for the first time ever, you can play the entire Master Chief saga on Xbox One with Halo: The Master Chief collection."  Sounds like Guardians is coming in 2015.

All 4 games on one disc, and you can create "custom playlists" of the series' greatest moments ever."  "Halo 2 will contain the original Halo 2 multiplayer, exactly as it shipped 10 years ago."  A short multiplayer demo... "The Master Chief collection has over 100 multiplayer maps - every map every released on Halo 1-4, all running 1080p 60FPS on dedicated servers."  Fans will LOVE this - and it has 4,000 gamerscore.  Ha!

"Included in the Masterchief Collection is Halo Nightfall..." a TV series?  I guess?  The Halo 5: Guardians Beta is coming this fall.  Trailer!


Hey, Spencer's wearing a Limbo shirt.  Meaningful? "You'll be able to play everything you've just seen on Xbox One this holiday."

The following games are due in 2015 and beyond... from Playdead (the Limbo guys, I think).  2D platformer with polygonal graphics... a huge oppressive totalitarian society, lot of grays.

Inside - will debut on Xbox in 2015.

A guy's up to talk up ID@Xbox (their indie push).

Indie game montage.  Wow, Cuphead looks incredible.  They're getting Hyper Light Drifter!  Oolfe looked good... Hellraid!  Below, of course - actual gameplay - neat!

"World premier..." no idea what this----- TOMB RAIDER!!!!

  Ultra-hyped!  Rise of the Tomb Raider.  New Witcher: Wild Hunt gameplay's up next!

This is a great press conference. Looks very good, makes me want the Witcher III.  Fine, preordered.

Tom Clancy's The Division's up.  Gameplay demo!  Continues to look very pretty, coming 2015, additional content first on Xbox One.

Hideki Kamiya's up?  Wtf?  Platinum Games... exclusive on Xbox One nooooo now I have to buy one >.< fuck you, Kamiya >.<

"Prepare to see action at a whole new scale."  Scalebound... CGI trailer.. no idea what it actually plays like.  Still, Platinum Games exclusive - score, Xbox.

Next up... Crackdown 3? Yep!  This has been a fantastic conference.  What on Earth will Sony be able to do to compete with this?

"But this is just the beginning.  We will continue to invest in new creators bringing games to Xbox One." "We will continue to listen to you, our community, and we will continue to make Xbox for you."

Sizzle reel... they showed a Gears logo but not a new Gears game?  And I wonder where Quantum Break was..?  Oh well.  Let's do a breakdown post!

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