Tuesday, June 10, 2014

E3 2014 - the Nintendo direct.

Just woke up - let's get started.

Starts off with some great Robot Chicken stuff, then Reggie and Iwata battle via some cool SFX, and now they're playing with their Miis in Smash Bros. And Reggie kicks Iwata's ass.  Ohhh but Iwata's got a Mario figure, he puts it on his Wii gamepad and summons Mario - they're Skylandering it?

Now the dev is talking about the 3 different Mii fighter type - each type can choose 4 special moves.

The 3DS version isn't ready, they're working on QC for it right now.

Yep - the Mario figure was a thing they're calling Amiibo - "there's a special chip imbedded in every figure and they spring to life in compatible games in new ways."  It'll work with Skylanders and Disney Infinity figures too.  Hm.

"Amiibo play is also being prepared for a number of other Nintendo games," including Mario Kart 8.  Yes, they're Skylandering it.

Now they're talking about a Yoshi yarn game.  Yoshi's Woolly World, coming 2015.

Now they're showing a game in which you only play as Toad, and he can't jump - Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker.

...Zelda?  Alright, wow me.  Oh my God the new Zelda looks sexy as fuck.

The grass sways and the shadow of clouds roll over the hills... little motes of light a mist drifting about... gorgeous.

Ramzeltron... I want a Wii U. You monster. Now a big thing is chasing link!  But link's got a fire arrow so screw you, boss thing!  It's gorgeous!  It's cell-shaded sorta' and it's coming 2015 goddamnit I want a Wii U curse you Nintendo!

Now they're showing a Pokemon thing.

Bayonetta 2!

(Sigh.)  Okay.  Hahahah she's got a bunch of Nintendo costumes.  Oooh and it includes the first Bayonetta!

>.<  Fine.

Now they're talking about Hyrule Warriors (the Zelda/Dynasty Warriors thing)

Now it's Xenoblade Chronicles.

Now it's SMB1 with a level editor.  But it can go right into the style of NSMB Wii U.  Very sexy... coming 2015.

Now cartoony characters are playing paintball - called Splatoon. An 8-player 4-on-4 online action game.  Teams control turf by splattering the map with ink. You play as a squid-person - you can swim really fast through your own color's ink - ink and swim up walls - but the opposing team's ink will slow you down.

This actually looks very fun. Oh Gyro to aim?  Bad plan.

Still, this looks fun.  Cool mechanics.

Yeah, this is a tailer you'll want to watch.  And now they're talking about Amiibos.

Whatevs - I'm going for a smoke.


  1. Although the presentation ended on a wimper, overall it was fun and enjoyable. The Robot Chicken stuff was unexpected and cute. I'm looking forward to each game.

    Easily, the biggest thing is the new Zelda. Just look at that grass! When it comes out, I'll spend most of the time staring at that grass.
    This is exactly what I wanted to hear. I've been wanting a more interconnected open world a la Dark Souls or Skyrim for a Zelda game. It seems like that wish is becoming a reality.

    1. Yeah I think everyone kinda' splooged over that Zelda reveal. I'll say this, though - none of it felt like actual gameplay to me.

    2. I agree. Now that we have an idea of what it looks like, I'm curious to see how the game plays.