Monday, June 9, 2014

E3 2014 - the Sony press conference.

This is it!  The last conference of day 1, Sony's gonna' have to bring both the noise and the funk if they want to compete with Microsoft's rock-solid game-block that started the day.  Get hyped!

It starts with a capsule landing on "The Planet Mars: Present Day" and three astronauts stepping out, walking along the martian surface... and finding that big round thing from Destiny.  It's Destiny!

Nice big trailer to open the show.

And here comes Andrew House (President of SCE).  "We know what best means.  It means connected.  It means the highest visual quality."  Nice dig at MS, Andy.  Not sure you needed it. "You'll be able to play Destiny first on Playstation.  Tonight I'm excited to announce that PlaySTation gamers will get their hands on it first, starting July 17th."  (You get like 4 days ahead of Xbox players.)

White PS4 bundle coming with Destiny on Sept 9th.

New IP up next, only on PS4... THE ORDER!

Looks gorgeous and very, very scripted.

What's this?  Something new and indie-looking... A pair of sharply polygonal fish-birds flying with each other... called Entwined.   And this guy's mike isn't on.  There we go.

You play it by controlling each flying thing, one with each analog stick. It's the team's first game.

"The PS4 version is available right now for $9.99."  Ha!  Nice.  With PS3 and Vita to follow as part of cross-buy.  Very nice!

New stand-alone DLC for inFamous: Second Son coming this summer... Ohmigod it's the prison... you play as Fetch.  Please don't have it be playing as Fetch I hate her powers.

Okay, it did look pretty cool.

Little Big Planet 3 is coming to PS4!

With new sack-folk.  Sackboy, Odd-Sock (the little 4-legged guy who can wall-jump and run fast), Toggle (the big guy who's really strong but can shrink super-small) and Swoop (the bird).  Cute demo.  Nice surprise!

Wow - coming this November.  Shu Yoshida's up on stage! (Head of SCE Worldwide Studios.)

He says all LBP1 and 2 levels will be compatible with LBP3!

"A completely new IP from one of the industry's most respected game directors."  Bloodborne. Miyakazi!  From Software!  OMFGGGG!  Coming 2015.  

Far Cry 4 is up!  Wooo! It's the gameplay from earlier but without the offensive voice over.  God, it looks so good.

Adam Boyes is up.  "You can invite your PSN friends to join you EVEN IF THEY DON'T OWN THE GAME." (Far Cry 4).  "And you'll only be able to do that on PlayStation."  Oh my God.

Sounds like H1Z1 is coming up... Nope - Deep Silver! (Publishers of Dead Island.)  Woo!  That is totally the voice of Jack Black...  This is definitely one of the best trailers of the day.  Dead Island 2!  Wooo!  Who's developing, I wonder?  Techland's got 2 games in the works right now...

Clickers, Bloaters, enemies from The Last of Us will be in Diablo III... myeh.

Dead Island 2 will have a 30 day exclusive beta only on PS4.

A new trailer for Battlefield: Hardline. 

Wow this is actually givin' the MS presser a run for its money.

"A new partnership with Paradox interactive. Every Paradox studio is now working on titles for Playstation"

Are these the guys who did Magicka?    Yes they are.

Magicka 2's comin' to PS4.

Next up - Tim Schafer!  Woo!

"After fifteen years, Double Fine in tandem with our third-party production team will be remastering Grim Fandango!"  Holy shit!  Woo!  Coming to PS4 and Vita!  Awesome.

"All of the titles you're about to see will make their console debut on playstation platforms."

Broforce!  PS4 and Vita!  YES!

Titan Souls - PS4 and Vita!

This is so awesome.

Not a Hero!  PS4 and Vita!  YES!

Hotline Miami 2!  (But we knew that.)

Sofaking cool.

What's this now..?  Is this The Witness?  The TALOS Principle - coming to PS4.

Frickin' awesome.

Suda 51's next thing is coming exclusively to PS4... live-action trailer... some gameplay mixed in... looks incredibly violent...

Let it Die coming in 2015.

The guys who made Journey formed a new studio called Giant Squid - new game...

Lots of lovely underwater scenery... a humanoid diver.  Looks lovely.  Abzu.  Very nice.  "Abzu will make its exclusive console debut on PS4."

Another new thing... is this No Man's Sky?!  OMFG!

This is No Man's Sky!

"Console Debut on PS4!"  Haaaa!  Fuck yes.  I couldn't be happier if I tried.

They've got Sean from Hello games up on stage (making No Man's Sky).  God, it looks so incredible.

House is back.  Looks like he's gonna' talk about PS Now... but we'll see... oh camera.  Okay, tell me about your camera. Sounds like they got... Morpheus!  It's the Morpheus!  Woo!  Oh, he's just saying it's available at the booth.  Good - wouldn't make a good stage demo - move on!

Shawn Layton - he's the new Jack Tretton.

Okay Shawn, you got big shoes to fill.  Wow us.

Boy, do you ever look like a guy in a suit.  Comes across as honest, though, so that's nice.  PSN.  "Our network is robust and ever-evolving..." yadda yadda... "Powerful ways to share your experiences..." Kinda' boring me... Share Factory... blah blah...

"95% of PS4s worldwide are connected to PSN."  Hm!

The share button has been pressed 220,000,000 times.  Huh!

YouTube's coming to PS4 - finally!

"With a press of the share button, players will be able to upload video captures to their YouTube channel."

Now he's talking up free-to-play. Sizzle reel.  Okay.  Loadout still looks cool.

PS Now open beta coming July 31st on the PS4.  Myeh.  I'll believe that works when I can try it for free.

"Bringing PS Now to PS Vita is another example of our commitment to the platform."  No, you'd demonstrate that by giving us Gravity Rush 2 and God of War Vita.

"There are more than 100 PS Vita titles in development today."  Well that's good!

Sounds like Vita TV is coming to the West. "Starting this Fall." Yep - but they're calling it "PlayStation TV." It'll be $99.

C'mon announce more games you bastards.  The world premiere of gameplay footage for Mortal Kombat X.  Hm - a wasp girl and a big gorilla guy with a kid on his back.  It looks... like Mortal Kombat.

I hope that's not the end of the show.  C'monnn give us a first-party announcement!

Now he's talking about bringing a Powers series to PSN (a TV show).  I guess it's an important comic or something?  "Powers has been greenlit to series for Sony entertainment and PlayStation."

Jesus, this guy isn't shutting up.  I don't care show me games.

Now they're showing concept art from the show.  Oh my God, Sony, now you're EA.  Congratulations.

He's going away!  Yay!

C'monnnn games.  Cmonnn games!

Now House is talking about PS+!  That interests me!  "We'll be adding more value to Plus in the future by including our original programming.  All PS+ subscribers in the US will be able to view the entire Powers series for free." Ohh and I'm bored again.

And now he's talking about the Ratchet & Clank movie.

Y'know what would get me hyped for an R&C movie?  An R&C game.

"We're working with Insomniac to re-imagine the original trilogy for PS4."  Both will be available in 2015!  Hm!

The Last of Us Remastered trailer!  Woo!

God it looks so good. Coming July 29th, 2014.  Oh well.  I can wait another month.

New trailer for MGS5: Phantom Pain (the one we saw last night).

Something new!  Forest animals... this is GTA5!!!!

Oyea!  Looks gorgeous. Coming to PS4 this Fall. "The current community of PS3 players and Xbox 360 players will be able to transfer their progress and online characters to PS4."  Hot.

Rocksteady and warner brothers - Batman!  Straight-up gameplay!  Ohhh it looks so gorgeous... this is why I bought a PS4... looks fantastic.

"Batman Arkham Knight on PS4 comes with Scarecrow nightmare missions that are only available on PlayStation."

One last trailer... "captured from a PS4"... Drake?

Yep.  Uncharted 4.  This looks like straight CGI.  Absolutely unbelievable - folks were right, it's mind-blowing.

And that's the presser!  Good show, Sony.  Solid.  The pacing wasn't as good as MS's, but it really brought the games I wanted to see.


  1. Really solid show. It had its slow parts, however it sure packed itself with so many great titles.

    1. Agreed - I wasn't sure they could go toe-to-toe after the MS conference, but this was pretty hot stuff.