Monday, June 9, 2014

E3 2014 - the Ubisoft presser.

It opens with Far Cry 4!  Woo!

Incredible graphics.

Can't wait to watch this direct-feed - the mood is very like the opening moments of FC3.  Huh.  You play as a white guy again.

[update] Whup - maybe not - villains selfie!


 If this game is releasing this holiday (so they say), you'd think they could show some gameplay.

Ugh, I can't wait for that game.  Aisha Tyler's up!

She's still funny.  Just Dance 2015 announced.  Sounds like it'll record your dancing so other people on the Internet can judge it... which is a terrible idea.  Millions of teenagers are gonna' get bullied over this.

Now they're talking about how Just Dance Now will use people's cell phones as controllers so you can do it anywhere... and anyone with a smart phone now has a controller.  That's brilliant - would be better if you didn't have thirty professional dancers onstange to demo it, though.

At least it doesn't feel awkward.  Good music choice - nice and upbeat.

Tom Clancy's The Division is up next.


Wow... a very moving and thrilling trailer.  Nice job so far, Ubi.

The Crew is up next.  I remember feelin' pretty meh about that in 2013.  Let's see where it's at... it's in a beautiful place, is where it's at. Coming November 11th to PS4, One and PC.

Assassin's Creed Unity is up!  Notre Dame cathedral in Paris, very cool... guys in white wigs, we hate them... a nice CGI trailer - coming October 28th.

Now they're showing in-engine stuff!  Looks lovely - again, the new animations look lovely (basically, when they drop down from a higher level point there are new, cool animations).

Annd now they're on to a fitness game.  Shape Up.  Checking Twitter...

Valiant Hearts: The Great War is up.  ...I know they're trying to be respectful, but it feels kind of exploitive.  Moving on...

Ubisoft's CEO is up.  Show us Far Cry 4 gameplay!

He's got one last game to show... no idea what this could be... pre-alpha footage from a multiplayer match.

One group is doing recon on a house while another group inside is barricading rooms, with a bound hostage.  The police team plans out their attack.  The walls are coming apart like tissue paper with shots.

Rainbow Six Siege.  Well, Michael Pachter totally called it.

Not a bad show, Ubisoft.  Now upload the Far Cry 4 stuff so I can watch it fifty times!  And why did you upload gameplay only to take it down again?

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