Friday, June 6, 2014

Fluster Cluck announced for PS4, coming this summer.

 "Players come to the aid of two lowly Chikkin Koop employees, Pimento and Cornichon, to help them "chikkinize" everything in sight in hopes of realizing their dream of being promoted to middle-management. The fast-paced time-trial, action shooter game features single and multi-player modes that have players gathering resources by abducting cows, camels, zombies, and battling enemies as they strive to unlock new equipment and climb the corporate ladder."

This sounds kind of meh... the press release says it's from "Sony DADC's LOOT Entertainment, a leading interactive entertainment company."  Well I've never heard of these guys... let's look into them.

...nothin' on Wikipedia... they don't appear to have their own website... oh, here it is - they're just called Loot Entertainment, and they've made... nothing you've ever heard of.  Ah, here we go:

"LOOT Entertainment is a group of interactive entertainment developers at Sony DADC New Media Solutions that create experiences and products for all game platforms, most notably PlayStation Home. LOOT's diverse and talented developers have come from prestigious studios such as Activision/Treyarch, Sony Computer Entertainment, and Electronic Arts, and, combined, have shipped millions and millions of successful titles. Their award-winning products for PlayStation Home include games, premium personal spaces and a myriad of ornaments and costumes."

Un-sold.  Uninterested. Prove yourselves, gentlemen, and I don't mean with premium 5-dollar digital shirts.

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