Friday, June 6, 2014

Get the next game from Gunpoint's Tom Francis free, right now.

It's called Floating Point, and it's all about swinging around elegantly. 

It's free on Steam right now - and possibly forever.  Why?  Because, as it turns out, Tom Francis is a guy who walks the walk.

"When Gunpoint came out, and did well, I thanked those who bought it for putting me in a position where I didn’t have to actively chase money with everything I do. In return, I promised to “make new things for you!”

I started Floating Point for the Ludum Dare game jam two months ago, but when it started to feel like it could be something more, I let myself pursue it. I just added what it seemed to need at each stage, and worked on it for as long as I felt it needed work. It was a fantastic experience, I’m really proud of the final thing, and I could never have done that if I was struggling to feed myself.

Floating Point probably could make money – if I was a publicly traded company, it would probably have to. But because I’m just a person, I’d rather just give it away as a thank-you. And because you’ve let me become completely independent, I can.

Thanks again."
-Tom Francis-

Now that is a man.

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