Friday, June 13, 2014

I love GameTrailers, and I'm sad about today's news.

Ryan and Rohan.

There aren't many North American media outlets I regularly visit.  If I want opinions or tech breakdowns, I go to Eurogamer - who seem to review games more intelligently than any other outlet.  If I want breaking news, I look at Kotaku, All Games Beta and News4Gamers - and if I want a video review, I've trusted GameTrailers for a long time. A long time - since back when Shane Satterfield ran the site.   They're the only North American reviews site I trust, actually.

When GT gives a game 7/10, I've never felt led astray.

The other day, news broke that Defy Media - who also own The Escapist and Screen Junkies - acquired GameTrailers. Alright, that's fine.  GameTrailers survived its acquisition by Viacom, surely it can survive this.

Today, we learned that Jeremy Hoffmann, Rohan Rivas, Rob Manuel, Daniel Kayser Justin Speer, Jon Finger, Rich Brown, Rob Slusser and Ryan Stevens have been advised their work with GameTrailers will end in two weeks.

There may be more.  Kyle?  Elyse?  Ian?  Blood?  We don't know.  The only original member of GameTrailers - co-founder Brandon Jones (and voice of every GT review), tweeted today

Oh God.

When Shane left and Ryan Stevenson took over GameTrailers, I don't mind saying, the quality of the site went up.  Ryan's interviews with game developers were never the usual PR bullshit you see - when Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor was revealed, his interview was the best I'd seen - he asked the questions gamers wanted to hear.  He's got a great sense of humor, and all of GT's personalities seemed to shine a bit brighter under his leadership.  Under Ryan's GameTrailers, we got the fantastic The Final Bosman - perhaps one of the most endearing and breathlessly honest voices in gaming.  We got the delicious Mandatory Update, the long-form Thank You For Playing, the acerbic Annoyed Gamer - and the quality of the site's reviews remained a high water mark for North American gaming media.

I'm so distressed by this news, I almost want to hear that the rest of the GameTrailers team have decided to break from their jobs and start up a new media site together, where they can do their thing without the looming shadow of a corporate overlord, a'la the Giant Bomb crew.

Ryan Stevenson, Brandon Jones, Jeremy Hoffmann, Rob Manuel, Daniel Kayser, Rohan Rivas, Justin Speer, Jon Finger, Rich Brown, Rob Slusser - you guys made GameTrailers what it is - one of the most valuable and important gaming media sites in the world.

I wish you all the best.  I selfishly hope you land somewhere that permits you to continue the quality and quantity of work you showed off there.

Thank you for all your work, on behalf of gamers, gaming, and myself.


  1. Why the hell are they even getting laid off? Was there any reason given, beside "money"?