Wednesday, June 4, 2014

It's the most wonderful time of the year.

When I started working at my current office - an entry-level position - I'd been blogging for a year or so already.  When E3 2010 (I think) came around, I would work all day, come home, catch up on the news and exhaust myself writing up everything I could (E3 2010 tag: 89 posts). After two days of this, I was so burnt out I went to my boss (who now runs my region) and explained that if I kept this up, I would die, and could I please have the rest of the week off as vacation?

Thank God, he said yes - and it's become a yearly tradition (E3 2013 tag: 205 posts).  In the intervening years I've secured two promotions, each earning me ever-more-stressful work and slightly better pay, and this year, once again, it's early June and for twelve ever-so-sweet days I am on vacation woooo!  What time is it?

Nerdy video game guy adventure time!

Epic nerdy video game guy adventure time!

Wands Are For Wimps by Brian Luong

Today, Kayla and I went back to the shop I bought Lara at last week, as I had decided to purchase that gorgeous Solid Snake figure.

I had misremembered the price the guy had quoted me - he wasn't $200, he was $300 - but that's still $100 cheaper than Amazon is selling him for.  To me, Snake is probably the single most important video game character of my game-playing life - the single icon that rises above all others - and such an opportunity was unlikely to pass me by again.  I went for it.

...he also had the Play Arts Kai Meryl figure for $100...

And I'd decided the Play Arts Kai Lara Croft was actually pretty desirable, what with its exemplary detail work...

...and y'know what?  It is my Christmas, so...

Why not?  E3 comes but once a year - though I'll admit, I'll probably never buy another Play Arts Kai figure again.  Meryl's elbow guard constantly pops loose, and Snake's right elbow wasnt even in its socket when I pulled him out of the packaging - and there was no way to get it in.  The hole for the pin simply wasn't deep enough, and his right arm will just always be a little loose.  I have no conception of how hard the folks must have worked to get those sweet, stylish poses you see in the pictures above, but it took literally hours (two or so) to get my three heroes looking as you see them above - that is, upright, and not appearing spastic and suffering from terminal boneitis.

For future figures - if any - I think I'll stick to the ultra-high-quality, solid, Japanese kind.  Like Momohime.

That said, they still look awesome, I still love them, Snake is The Man and I'm glad I could get Meryl to hold on to his FAMAS rifle.  They gave her a knife and a Desert Eagle, because - I dunno, they remembered MGS4?  But in MGS1 - the game whose artwork forms the basis of their figures...

...the only weapon Meryl actually fired was a FAMAS rifle.  Oh wait, no - she shoots Snake with the Eagle during the Psycho Mantis boss fight.  Right.  But when I think of Meryl, I think of that first scene where her hands are shaking, Snake calls her a rookie and she screams while gunning down a bunch of Genome soldiers - so she gets the FAMAS that came with Snake. Thank you, Kayla, for putting up with me and my strange affliction.

But, to bring things back around, I am on vacation wooo!  Which is good news for you, too.

A side-effect of the canny planning which permits me 12 consecutive days of freedom from my professional bondage is that - aside from social obligations - I am free to do nothing but play video games, write about that, read video game news, and write about that.

Every single day - every morning, every night - you will be able to come to this blog and see the latest news.  At the end of each day I'll gather up every single thing that's been announced, and add it to the E3 2014 Homepage you'll find below, and now linked at the top of the sidebar (so long, Best of 2013 link).

Everyone else ready?

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  1. What a great, uplifting post to read to end my day. Thanks.

    Can't wait.