Wednesday, June 25, 2014

July is another great month of free Plus games.

PS4 gets indie multiplayer favorite TowerFall Ascension and the Strider reboot.  PS3 gets Dead Space 3 - which despite being the worst Dead Space game is a fine game, so I'll definitely download that - and something called Vessel I've never heard of.  Vita gets the totally-awesome Muramasa Rebirth (yay for Kayla, but I can't buy it digitally twice) and Doki Doki Universe, which I'll be happy to check out.

I tried out Strider's demo the other day and didn't think much of it, but free's an attractive price for anything - and speaking of demos, I'm gonna' go check out Blue Estate.

[update] Blue Estate controls perfectly well with the Dualshock 4's giros, and headshots aplenty are easy and comfortable to come by, but in the playing of this rail shooter I find myself wondering why anyone would want to play a rail shooter, when they could just be playing a shooter.

This genre existed because, back in the day, you could put a fake gun in an arcade and holding that gun and seeing things get shot on the screen felt cool.  Then someone got the bright idea to let the player decide where to move, and dictate the ebb and flow of the combat themselves - why anyone would want to take a step back is beyond me.

I'm gonna' go load up my old Totori save and craft some bombs. [/update]

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