Saturday, June 28, 2014

On my walls.

Heavy Metal Hanzo's Lollipop Chainsaw fan art.  One of my all-time faves.

Over the past three weeks, I've been nabbing cheap frames from Wal-Mart and printing out 11x17-inch high-quality color copies of some of my favorite gaming images.  A lot of these were already hanging, in some form or another, but these are my absolute favorites - worthy of expanded dimensions.  Printing at Staples is surprisingly cheap and easy - just fill up a USB drive with JPEGs and PNGs, fire it in to their system and run them off - but I'll admit, I'm pretty tempted to go in and get them to do a custom printing of this little number:

Key art from Resonance of Fate.

It looks far better at 11 inches across, but my original version of this image is 4680 pixels by 6000 - it's ridiculously large - and it's one piece that I'd really love to have as a full-sized poster.

For a long time, I only had two Vanillaware pieces on my walls - the cover art for Odin Sphere...

 ...and the clean art for the Play magazine cover which features Muramasa's Momohime erotically battling the game's secret boss, the giant octopus...

...and given my affection for both games, larger-format pictures are very satisfying.  Even better, the larger frames and printing permitted me to finally add the cherry to the top of this Vanillaware cake, with the character select scene from what is now one of my favorite games of all time, Dragon's Crown.

I love the bored look on the Amazon's face.  She's like "let's just get the fuck out of here and kill something."

With Muramasa and Dragon's Crown, though, I wanted to have some pure screenshots as well, showcasing not just the art design but the remarkable beauty of the games themselves, while in action.  To that end, I've got the Momohime-Vs-Samurai screenshot that took me so long to successfully take...

...though now, I'll admit, I wish I'd taken it while she wielded a sword that was metal-colored, not pink. And while I've got a shot of the Elf in action at my office, for my home office, naturally, I went with a huge printout of the Amazon layin' the smackdown on some lizardmen.

...I just kinda' wish it had her name as Chance instead of Babette.  Oh well.  To go along with that giant image, I also printed out one of my all-time favorite screenshots, period - Leanne/Reanbell in combat with a walking tank in Resonance of Fate, soaring through the frame in a backflip as a grenade detonates beneath her.

Oh, and some Tomb Raider stuff I've always liked.

So now those are nestled in amongst Eddie from Brutal Legend,

Justin Currie's Looming and Ah!  A Snake! and, well... many more.

Dem's stylish walls.

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