Monday, June 30, 2014

Personal Note - Gwendolyn.

There but for the grace of God.

Almost three years ago exactly, I wrote that I didn't want to want a Japanese PVC figure, but in the case of Odin Sphere's Gwendolyn, I wanted a Japanese PVC figure. At the time, I held back because such a purchase was, no doubt, the first step towards becoming one of those otaku whose bedrooms you see pictures of - filled wall-to-wall with hundreds of eroticized bits of plastic, clutching body pillows with naked cartoon characters on them. 

Then, last year - I'm not sure, entirely, why - perhaps just because Muramasa Rebirth on Vita reminded me, I went ahead and bought Momohime. This year, a company is coming out with three high-quality Dragon's Crown figures, which you know I'm all up in, and once I had orders down on those, I started to wonder... why not just go ahead and get Gwen? 

Gwendolyn, the warrior princess of the Valkyries, sold by a power-hungry father to a tortured soul who offered genuine love, who fell in love in return and fought her way through Hell and into Heaven, battling alone against the dragon who would eat the world and sacrificing herself against the apocalypse of Ragnarok to save her beloved Oswald.  

If I'm going to be a guy who has PVC figures at all - and I already am one of those - I want one of those figures to be Gwendolyn. 

So now she stands next to Momo, in front of a signed print of Harley Quinn, as drawn by Jamie Tyndall. 

Like the Dragon's Crown girls, Sif's Gwendolyn is a nicely accurate representation of George Kamitani's concept art:

Gorge Kamitani's concept art, and the Yamato SIF EX figure.

She's not as dynamic as (Alter's) Momo or Alter's Gwendolyn - a lovely figure far more collectors purchased, which highlights Gwen's badassery and doesn't suggest her vulnerability.  I love that Yamato's Gwen features a look of innocent distrust, and is accompanied by the bird.  (In Odin Sphere, after her elder sister's death, Gwendolyn would often see a blue bird who gave her advice, and encouraged her to stop seeking the love of her evil father, and accept the pure affection of Oswald, the black knight - only at the end of the game does Gwendolyn realize that the bird does not speak with the voice of her sister, but her own.)

So that's two out of five Vanillware figures down.

Three to go.

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