Friday, June 27, 2014


I have, honestly, barely thought about Resogun since Chamberlain and I completed our score duel last year.  Resogun Heroes - a five-dollar DLC pack - dropped on Tuesday, which provides a somewhat-randomly-generated survival mode, and we both gave it a peek and immediately began prodding each other with messages regarding what our scores were and the other's weren't.  In survival mode, it's impossible to ever drop your multiplier (which would disappear if you went too long without shooting an enemy in the game's campaign), and you have a single life.

One hit will kill you, unless you nabbed a shield pickup (and kept it).  Like Resogun proper, it remains entirely a score attack game that is won solely on the strength of your kung-fu.  And my kung-fu is strong.

I don't believe our new competition is yet complete, but I will say that there came a point yesterday where I absolutely did not believe I could beat his score, after trying for like ninety minutes.  Fortunately, Chamberlain is simultaneously willing to wear the guise of my opponent and my sifu, and he reminded me that I really should be using my overdrive as much as possible (I was literally never using it).

And so...

I really should have bought the season pass - and would have, for the extra three bucks, if I knew it existed - as Resogun is one of the most purely fantastic experiences you'll have on your PS4.

Elsewhere, Kayla and I have taken to playing Dragon's Crown together on our Vitas.  There's part of me that knows I should be playing on my Amazon with hers, the better to (1) edge my Amazon closer to the level cap and (2) help her through Infernal mode, but this week at work I put up a framed print of one of the only safe-for-work screenshots I have of the game,

and it really got me hankerin' for some hot elf action.  And now, for the moment, I find I have some time to kill.

I think I'll go practice my horse stance.

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