Saturday, June 28, 2014

Styx: Master of Shadows is a game I want to be good.

Okay, so this is a B-quality stealth game from the folks who made the 69-Metacritic Of Orcs And Men, starring that game's stealthy goblin Styx.

In a world where orc and goblin-kind have suffered genocide at the hands of the humans and elves, one goblin will have his revenge.  I like the idea!  Here's 14 minutes of pure gameplay, which doesn't exactly make Styx look like the prettiest goblin in the room - but while stealth is a genre that's very, very easy to do wrong, it's also a genre I always want to see done well - and the very concept of playing a sneaky goblin against a tower full of murderous, evil humans is pretty darned appealing to me.

Plus I think the Wretched Clone, who's literally retched up by Styx, is pretty clever.  But I love puns.

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