Sunday, June 1, 2014

The Game of June 2014.

In contrast to previous years, which saw June housing some of the most interesting or high-profile games of the year - inFamous 2, Alice: Madness Returns, Remember Me, State of Decay, The Last of Us Muramasa Rebirth and Spec Ops: The Line all released in June - this year is quiet as the grave.

Sony will, no doubt, continue shoveling indies at us - word is Secret Ponchos will finally make its appearance on PS4 this month, and I wouldn't be surprised if they announce The Last of Us Remastered is dropping sooner than we expect - but in terms of what's hot and new, there... ain't much.  In fact, there's only one (currently-announced) title that I'm interested in.

June 3rd
Murdered: Soul Suspect - an action-adventure.
PS3, PS4, 360, One, PC
Hype-O-Meter : Nada.

Murdered: Soul Suspect is an attempt by Airtight Games - who made the egregious Dark Void - to offer a triple-A story-driven adventure game, a'la Beyond: Two Souls or Telltale's The Walking Dead, with gameplay reminiscent of Ghost Trick.

I'm staying far away from this one.

A 2D sidescrolling action-RPG.
June 17th - PS3 (PSN-only) - Hype-O-Meter: Day One

Battle Princess of Arcadias had me at the words "2D sidescrolling action-RPG."  I don't expect this game will achieve the same treasured place in my heart as Dragon's Crown - far from it, if gameplay footage is anything to go off of - but it's still a sharp-looking 2D action game with hand-drawn sprites, and that's more than enough to secure my custom.

Really, it's the only must-buy game of the month.

June 24th
Atelier Rorona Plus: The Alchemist of Arland, a traditional JRPG with a lot of item crafting.
PS3, Vita
Hype-O-Meter: If I was out of things to play, I'd totally buy this.

...but that would be a wiser choice if I'd finished Atelier Totori Plus.  I enjoyed my time with it, but more-interesting fare appeared and I had to put it aside.  It's worth noting that Rorona is the first game in the Arland trilogy of Atelier titles - the last two, Totori and Meruru, have been localized and on Vita for months, now, and word is they include a lot of smart choices Rorona doesn't.

It'll still be a fine (and very cute) game - but perhaps only worth checking out if you're hungry for a new JRPG on the Vita.

June 24th
Blazblue: Chrono Phantasma
Hype-O-Meter: I want to love you, BlazBlue,

...but I'm just no good at you.  I wish I could be as good at 2D fighters as I am at Virtua Fighter 4-5, but I ain't man.  I ain't.

That said, Chrono Phantasma is the latest 2D fighter from the venerable Arc System Works, of Persona 4 Arena and most of all Guilty Gear fame.  I can pretty much guarantee you that Chrono Phantasma will be a rock-solid, technically-sharp fighter.

* * * 

And that's June.  Oh well.  Battle Princess, yay!

...that didn't sound any better in my head.

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