Friday, July 18, 2014

A loved one died tonight.

After we watched Snowpiercer (I liked it, Kayla did not), she asked me to grab her cell phone off the night stand so she could change the time her alarm is set for.  I reached for it, and it banged on the floor.

"Eeee," I bit my finger.


"This is the noise I make when I'm scared 'cause I just dropped your cell phone."

She sighed.  "I make sure to be careful with your things," she told me.

"It was an accident," I pointed out, and reached over the side of the bed.

It wasn't her cell phone that fell.  It was my Vita.

My Vita's fallen before, but this time, when I turned it on, it was clearly fucked.  The pixels across the entire screen are a bit out of whack, and entirely out of whack across the right edge and top-right region of the screen.

My Vita.  My dear, cherished, most-played-of-all-gaming-things Vita... is dead.

Thank God I got the backup OLED.  And now to get to work transferring all my crap...

...I wonder if I'll be able to get a backup for my backup?

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