Thursday, July 10, 2014

Alien: Isolation pre-order trailer.

I'm not usually one for hyping preorder bonuses, but Alien: Isolation's is pretty ambitious.  Wierdly ambitious for a studio that's never done a title like this before.  Basically, preordering the game upgrades you to The Nostromo Edition, which grants you access to two new missions that are set aboard the original film's doomed ship, the Nostromo.  In the first mission - Crew Expendable - you play as either Ripley, Dallas or Parker, exploring the ship's various decks and trying to lure the alien into the ship's airlock.  You'll also get Last Survivor, which follows Ripley and her attempt to escape on the ship's life pod - remember how she's got to get from the life boat to activate the self-destruct sequence on the Nostromo, then get herself back to the life boat?  You get to play that.

Yeah, I'm in.

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