Friday, July 18, 2014

Here, now you don't have to watch Muppets Most Wanted.

Similar to that one decent song in Rio, the only really memorable part of Muppets Most Wanted was this ballad, sung by an evil frog to win Miss Piggy's affections.  Unfortunately, the only YouTube video of the song is the version sung by Bret McKenzie, and the one that's in the movie - with a villainous, heavily-accented amphibian under mood lighting, shot through a vaseline'd lens, wearing a romance-novel-cover shirt as fans billow it against him, is superior.  But that video doesn't exist - just the song itself - so content yourself with Bret's vocals and less-funny visuals.

My buddy Kris told me Most Wanted was pretty good.  I found it pretty meh - but Snowpiercer is finally on PSN, and tonight after some margherita pizzas, I'm gonna' be all up in that post-apocalyptic action-allegory.

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