Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Next-gen beard holy shiiiiiiii-



Oh God it's still so sad.

It's says a lot that the opening scene of The Last of Us still makes me well up, and I was happily snapping screenshots of the new-gen-last-gen game - so pretty!

But, having started the game without installing the day-one patch, I wasn't able to take advantage of the new screenshot mode feature (which I never even tried in inFamous: Second Son).  But that's cool!  Once you start toolin' around with Tess it's all smuggler intrigue and platforming tutorials and shooting a doomed dude in the head even though it wastes a precious bullet and then there's that great stealth sequence when you finally catch up with Robert and Robert's like "it's cool guys, the Fireflies are almost all wiped out so we'll go finish them off together and get your guns!"

And Tess is all "that is a stupid idea," bla!


And so, having reached a reasonable checkpoint, I quit the game to install the patch and finally try out this photo mode thing.  A bit like inFamous, I seriously didn't expect The Last of Us Remastered to look nearly as good as it does, up close.

As you pan the camera around, in Joel's face, the reflections in his eyes shift and disappear as it dynamically bounces the light around.  I zoomed the camera in - abundantly up in his grill - and snapped this.

That is in-engine.  That is in-game, that's not a cinematic - that's Joel just running around the game world. I coulda' brought the camera closer, but I wanted to get his whole face in there.  Hang on, lemmie see how close I can get on his eye...

Holy shiiiiiiii

In sadder news,

...but, Rogue Legacy and the Ratchet & Clank collection for Vita finally came out today, and I'm dying to try those out and I'm so happy the Elf finally arrived and joy and kisses to everything in the world, peace!

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