Wednesday, July 30, 2014

PlayStation Plus in August is a ton of the good stuff.

Okay, I wanna' make this quick 'cause I'm super-hungry.

  • Road Not Taken on PS4!  I'm hoping getting it on 4 will unlock it on my Vita, 'cause, naturally, that's where I want to play this. 
  • Fez for all three Sony platforms - the critical darling can be enjoyed by all. 
  • Crysis 3 for PS3 - very nice - always wanted to try it. 
  • Proteus for PS3 and Vita - finally, I'll get to try this little indie non-game without having to pay for it. 
  • Metrico for Vita - more like meh-trico, am I right?
And finally, a little game called

will be available for both PS3 and Vita users, and now nobody has an excuse for not having played it.  I'll be the first to admit, I feel that Dragon's Crown's presence on my Vita contributes very, very highly to my enjoyment of it - and if you've got Sony's handheld, you have absolutely got to check it out therein. 

It's phenomenal.  My play time is now over 250 hours

The Games of Chance 2013 Game of the Year, comin' at'cha!  Dig it!

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