Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Game Diary - quick edition.

I'm still pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed Akiba's Trip.  Readers of this blog will understand the following statement is a strong endorsement indeed:  not once, when playing it, did I think to myself "I could be playing Dragon's Crown right now."

But I've finished it and CounterSpy is out and you know I'm all up in a stylish stealth-action game.

And I zipped through its campaign in less than two days.  It's designed to be replayed ad-infinitum, with unlocks carrying over into its procedurally-generated levels, but I'm not sure it's got the fun factor to hold me.  I'll give it another shot on a harder difficulty level before sounding off.

In other news, I was waffling back and forth today on whether or not to go pick up a physical copy of Undead & Undressed (which still totally remains on the docket) or pick up my preorder of Diablo III for PS4.  When EB Games called me yesterday, the girl on the phone was doing her whole preable thing, and the whole time I was wracking my brain, trying to remember what game I could have possibly preordered that came out this week.

Today I called around to various EBs and independent gaming stores in my city to see if anyone had a physical copy of Undead & Undressed.  No one did.  And then this guy at work started talking about Diablo and asked me if I'd played Diablo II back in the day and yeahhh I did and it was awesome and I loved it alright crap I'm buying Diablo III.

When the intro screen came up I found myself beset by giddy, kid-like hype.  I did love the Diablo games when I was younger, and now, finally, I'm playing Diablo III!

I put about an hour into it tonight, and it is... smooth as butter.  The upside to getting a game that a company like Blizzard released two years ago is that a company like Blizzard has been patching and sharpening the crap out of it in the mean time.

I went with a monk, because I like punching things and enjoy Kung Fu Panda, and I can tell that this could very quickly turn into a slippery slope - but that's a classic technique for maintaining gamer attention that has long proved potent.  Punch a thing and money spills out.  Punch another thing and some rare shiny thing drops on the floor.

Here's another thousand things to punch.  Who could resist?  Not I.

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