Friday, August 8, 2014

Inner City Kids can't come soon enough.

Someone's stealing our adults and replacing them with automatons.  Inner City Kids - go!

I first heard of Inner City Kids back at E3, pouring over lists of upcoming Vita games.  Yesterday, finally, it got a little feature on the PlayStation blog - no gameplay vids, just a few screenshots and some words from the dev - but it cemented my hype for the game.

I don't know about you, but when XCOM: Enemy Unknown went to iOS and not Vita, it stabbed me like a thousand needles.  The Vita would be a perfect place for such a time-consuming game that worked so well in short bursts - but it seems 2K are doubling down on the smartphone market, as they've recently announced an iOS port of BioShock.

...which kinda' doubly stings, 'cause remember when they announced a BioShock game for Vita that never happened?  And then they let Gearbox release Duke Nukem Forever?  Man, 2K can suck sometimes.

Anyway, I'm getting off-topic.  XCOM is awesome, and Inner City Kids is like XCOM, therefor it might be awesome.

The blog post mostly goes in to the degree of customization you'll have over your armaments.  It sounds a bit like the Dead Space 3 crafting system, in which your basic weapon type is dictated by the weapon's "frame," and you can then go all-out with modules that add splash damage, acid effects, explosive effects, defensive effects and so on.

I can dig it.

Due out in "early 2015."  But it's indie, so expect that to get pushed back.  Like, a ways.

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