Saturday, August 23, 2014

Let's do some Math! 2014 Edition.

August is the time of year that I look ahead to the crushing onslaught of gaming goodness the next few months will level at me and, crucially, my wallet.  Once again, it is time to do some math.  I'm cutting way down this year, as I'm trying to save some cash... but that doesn't mean I have to be entirely responsible.

I just need to plan ahead, and I can manage.  I think.  I'm hoping I can average like, one-point-five games per paycheque.  That's manageable.

Remaining this month is inFamous: First Light, which will set me back about $20, I reckon.  September is where things really begin.

September 9th - Destiny - $69.99.  Yes, really.  Canada is paying, like, Australia prices lately.  Sucks to be us.

September 23rd - Natural Doctrine - $39.99.  My Vita has been dying for a nice tactical game ever since 2K ported XCOM to tablets, and Natural Doctrine may fill the bill.  This trailer certainly went a long way towards selling me on the game, but I'd still like to check out some reviews before parting with my precious paycheque.

September 30th - Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor - pass.  I've had a preorder down on Shadow of Mordor for a while, and press have been pretty positive about the game - but if I'm going to give a pass to this or Destiny, it's probably going to be this.  The Destiny beta (and alpha) were just pretty frickin' fun.

"Late September" - Shadow Warrior - $44.99.  An old-school arcadey FPS that harkens back to the boom-era days of Duke Nukem, DOOM and Dark Forces.  Yes please.

Total for September : $155.

October 7th - Alien: Isolation - $69.99.  Alien Isolation may prove to be a victim of its own hype, but it remains the first time an Alien game has actually tried to offer what Alien fans want.  I'm in.

October 21st - The Evil Within - $69.99.  The legendary Shinji Mikami (Vanquish, God Hand, Resident Evil 4, Resident Evil) returns to survival horror.  I don't care if the press was been down on the game at its last showing.  Don't care.  Shinji Mikami.  Discussion over.

October 28 - Lords of the Fallen - pass.  Like Shadow of Mordor, I've got a preorder down on Lords of the Fallen that I'll have to move.  It's a dark action-RPG that's trying to be like the (deservedly venerated) Souls franchise, but I can't afford games that are merely potentially awesome.  If reviews sway me, I may give it a second look.

October 28 - Assassin's Creed Unity - $69.99.  The Assassin's Creed franchise has a problem with consistency, but sometimes you get AC II or Brotherhood or IV.  Those are awesome games that provide seriously enriching experiences - and the first purely new-gen AC is something I'll need to see.

Total for October : $210

The only major release I'll need in November is

November 18th - Far Cry 4 - $69.99.  The sequel to one of the best games of the last gen?  Done deal.

Also due out some time this year is the SCEJ RPG Oreshika: Tainted Bloodlines - $50 - which does not yet have a release date.

What will further stretch my wallet are all the sweet little digital-only games that are in the pipeline for the rest of 2014.  All of these are day-one purchases, all of these are due this year, and none of them have a release date locked down.  I'll estimate twenty bucks each...

Galak-Z - $20.

Hyper Light Drifter - $20.

Hotline Miami 2 - $20.

Liege - $20.

Don't Starve: Reign of Giants (Vita) - $20.

Velocity 2X - $20.

Drifter - $20.

Total for November (+digitals) : $230. 

Okay, so that's a total of $595, which is a very far cry from last years' total ($1062.00, what with the PS4 launch). Estimating two pay periods per month, that's six periods - so that's only $100 per paycheque!

That's totally doable.  Particularly if I manage to quit smoking.  Shit.

Oh, wait.  Tax... $672.35 or $112 per cheque.

Okay.  Yeah.


That's gaming responsibly.


  1. Ouch. Even though it's less money than last year, it still hurts to think about that much money going bye-bye. I wish you the best of luck quitting smoking -- it'll be hard, but you can get through it.