Thursday, August 21, 2014

Muramasa's 4th DLC drops Sept 2nd in NA!


Aksys announced this evening that the localization of the fourth and final piece of downloadable content for the immaculate Muramasa Rebirth will arrive on PSN in North America in less than two weeks.  The title is Hell's Where the Heart Is, and they've provided a nice breakdown of the story.

"When former monk turned playboy Seikichi accidentally proposes to Rajyaki, the daughter of the Lord of Hell, he finds himself literally sucked into an adventure he never dreamed of! Already on a mission to recover the sacred treasures of the Seven Gods of Fortune that she misplaced, Rajyaki stuffs Seikichi in a magical bag and continues her mission – all while being the “bestest” fiancĂ©e she can be! Play as the formidable Rajyaki as you explore the Muramasa world, all while falling madly and deeply in love with Seikichi!

Three Powerful Forms – Naturally as the daughter of the Lord of Hell, you have some fearsome powers. In child form, Rajyaki is quick and speedy with her ax. As a woman, Rajyaki uses her powerful club to knock enemies out of her way. Finally, in demon form, Rajyaki uses her near infinite powers to destroy any enemy in her path!"

(Rajyaki's style, then, is rather akin to Miike's shapeshifting combat in Fishy Tales of the Nekomata.)

"Test Your Skills – Even after completing the main story, Rajyaki’s adventure continues! Face bosses and enemies from the Muramasa Rebirth storyline and test your skills against the likes of Raijin or the Dragon God!"

Aksys also promises that  "after completing all four DLC, a special gift from Vanillaware, developers of Muramasa Rebirth, awaits players in the Genroku Legends main menu."  Oh please let it be a tease for their next game.

Oh please.  I love you Vanillaware.

I've always loved you.

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