Tuesday, August 5, 2014

There's a Resident Evil remake remake!

So remember how Resident Evil came out for the PS1 in like '96, and Capcom remade it for the... Gamecube?  I wanna' say Gamecube in 2002 as Resident Evil Zero.  Well, they're remaking that for PS4, PS3, One and 360.  It looks like this:

And this

and this

and this.

Point form!

  • Remastered highly requested fan favorite horror title – return to the Mansion to experience the beginning of the Resident Evil saga
  • Upgraded visuals - using the latest resolution enhancement and 3D model technology, game resolutions and textures have been significantly upgraded, including 1080p support on next-gen consoles
  • Fully remastered sound effects - 5.1 surround support provides a greater gaming atmosphere 
  • Toggle visual and control scheme options at any time: 
  • Experience the terror at the classic 4:3 ratio or a stunning 16:9 widescreen mode 
  • Purists can choose to play with the classic control scheme or enjoy a new alternative scheme in line with current standards where the character moves in the direction of the analogue stick

I am getting deeper and deeper into new-gen mode, and this is pretty meh to me.  Tell me you're remaking it in 1080p at 60fps with incredible new graphics and here's some in-engine footage and then I'm interested.

It'll drop in "early 2015."  Here's hopin' it's a part of early 2015 with zero interesting games anywhere near it, or I'll probably give this a miss.

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