Sunday, August 17, 2014

What time is it?

This week, on payday, Kayla and I finally completed our collection of Adventure Time Funko Pop vinyls. It began this past May when I found Finn and Marceline at an EB Games out of town, and we've been slowly adding to it ever since.  Kayla got Gunther because she loves Gunther, and I couldn't help but buy Princess Bubblegum and Ice King when I was picking up the screen protectors for Vita No.3.  After that, it seemed silly not to have the whole set.  We nabbed Jake and BMO two weeks ago, and on Wednesday, we finished off the set with Lemongrab, who was true to his asshole nature and wouldn't stand up properly until I turned his head and changed his centre of gravity, and Lumpy Space Princess - who, I'll admit, I only wanted for her lumps.

There's also Fiona & Cake vinyls, but... no.  Don't really want 'em.  It's not that I dislike Fiona and Cake - it's just that they're not canon. I mean, if you wanted to have more figures, give me some Flame Princess or Peppermint Butler.  I'd be all over a Peppermint Butler.

And now, I reckon, we really are past due for a Figures tag...

And lo, it was done.

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