Saturday, September 6, 2014

Frozen Synapse Prime drops September 23rd.

In an unrelated story, I really doubt I'm getting Natural Doctrine on September 30th, now.

Frozen Synapse is an asynchronous turn-based strategy game, which I'm really hoping will fill the void XCOM's absence on Vita has created.  It looks... crazy and weird and the devs say you can play "multiple matches simultaneously."  Just going off this trailer, I probably wouldn't check out Frozen Synapse, but it's one of those games that Shahid Ahmad has been has been hyping up for... well, years - and he's the guy who was like "you really should check out that Velocity game," so I tend to pay attention when he talks.

If the above trailer was a bit too "wtf is going on here," the developers assure us they'll be putting out some videos between now and the time the game launches that actually explain what it's about.

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