Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Game Diary - I'm so behind.

I'm enjoying Don't Starve on Vita more than I did on any other platform.  Called it.

I was stretched out next to Kayla in bed, and she mentioned how hideous she found the pig men.  "Yeah..." I said, "I heard there's a way to make them your friends, but I haven't found it yet."

I kept on dropping the monster meat I got from killing spiders for them - one would dart forward and eat it, and walk away, and shout something about personal space if I got too close.  Then I realized that when I got too close with the piece of food equipped, I had the "feed" option available to me.

The pigman I fed was named Butters, and thereafter he followed me as I explored the northeast corner of the world, desperately searching for a biome thick with minerals to mine.  He died at the fangs of a particularly nasty spider colony.

My buddy Kris at the office also, recently, purchased a Vita - I like to think because I rarely shut up about the thing when games are brought up - and to my surprise he actually picked up Don't Starve.  His initial impressions, he told me, weren't very positive.

I agreed - my initial impressions were less-than-stellar myself - but I started just rattling off what little I knew about the depth and intricacy of the game's world, and he told me about how he'd been surviving off animal traps alone.

"Don't you need spider web for that?"

"I don't think so - just grass and twigs," he told me.

Tonight, I cobbled together a half-dozen rabbit traps and laid them out in the plains north of the Beefalo herd.  I'd found some farms I could plant seeds in for one meagre carrot apiece or, perhaps, some corn, a full day's walk from my base camp.   There were some very close calls, as my hunger meter dipped within pixels of exhausted.

Today, after braving the Beefalo during their mating season (baby Beefalo are adorable), I had finally gathered enough manure to build myself four decent farms at my base camp.  I planted what few seeds I had, and walked through the woods while I waited for dinner to grow, eating any more seeds I came across, keeping my health just north of death.

I checked my rabbit traps - nearly all full!  I lit a fire and cooked them on the spot.  I went back to camp - some more choice morsels to eat!

I've survived to day thirteen.

Soon the wolves will come.

Meanwhile, I have merely scratched the surface of Velocity 2x's offering.  It's exactly what I expected - it has an excellent soundtrack, it plays beautifully and looks fantastic.  I expected myself to be more curious about it, but it's exactly what I expected it to be - I'm more than a bit surprised to find myself so taken with Don't Starve, to be honest.

Not content with a mere two spectacular games in a single week, the fourth and final DLC for Vanillaware's Muramasa also dropped on Tuesday.  I bought it and installed it, of course, but between Don't Starve and Velocity 2x, I haven't been able to tear myself away for long enough to try it.

I've no doubt, as soon as I do, I will become more than a bit enamoured - but who has the time?

Yesterday morning, I was chatting with Kris about Rogue Legacy - another game he bought after I showed it to him - and admitted that I wasn't sure I could beat the last boss.  It just seemed patently ridiculous to me, that the game expected me to beat it, and I was probably going to end up writing the review without having completed the game, as I felt I may have lost patience with it.

Then I went on my lunch, sat down, turned on my Vita and... well, let's give it another shot, eh?

It took another ten tries or so.  Got him.  So now that review ripens in my brain and I really should just rattle it off but hang on,

I'm probably about ninety minutes away from finishing inFamous: First Light, and that really bears talking about and oh my God it's September 3rd and I haven't written this month's releases post and fuck it, I'm going to bed.

My job is really stressing me out lately.

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