Monday, September 15, 2014

Shadow Warrior or Shadow of Mordor?

A friend at work won't shut up about Shadow of Mordor.  I'd decided to go with Shadow Warrior this month, instead, as I've heard nothing but fabulous things about the modern return to the boom-era style of first person shooters - but man, he won't shut up about it.

Today, he's telling me about a fifteen-minute gameplay vid he saw, and I mention something about how the wraith that's attached itself to you is one of the Kings of Men who received the rings from Sauron, and he's like "no, it's the guy who made the rings!"  And I was all "ooooh!" and he was like "see, you're excited!"

And yeah... yeah, that's pretty exciting, I guess.  And I know we'd all like Shadow of Mordor to be the Lord of the Rings game we've always wanted - but that's pretty unlikely.  That's like banking on Batman: Arkham Asylum being as good as Batman: Arkham Asylum was.  That is not a wise bet.

But I find myself waffling back and forth, man.  I'm not sure what I should do - so I thought I'd ask you what you thought.

Dear reader, would you prefer I play, write about and review Shadow Warrior or Shadow of Mordor?  Your call.  Probably.  The poll's in the top of the sidebar, on the right.  Lemmie' know what you think!


  1. Replies
    1. Well, first of all, there are time constraints - right now I'm working on 4 games for review - Don't Starve, Velocity 2X, Destiny and Genroku Legends: Hell is Where the Heart Is (which I can't seem to stop playing on my Vita). I'll be more than happy if I can get those wrapped by the next game - if that game ends up being Shadow of Mordor (which surged ahead today), that'll drop on September 30th - one week later, it's Alien: Isolation... a vicious cycle.