Sunday, November 30, 2014

I made a YouTube video!

Which... is no big deal, I suppose.  Thousands of people make thousands of YouTube videos every day, and a lot of them are like ten years old - but this is my very first attempt at mucking about in those strange waters.

Just a little moment from Far Cry 4.  Y'know those times when you're just wandering through the jungle, minding your own business, and suddenly you hear the growl of some nearby predator?

It's not much.  It's not much at all, but it's a start.


  1. haha nice!
    ¿Don't you wanna start a youtube channel with weird gameplays? could be interesting

    1. I'm thinkin' less weird and more "these are the moments that define game X." I need to have the presence of mind to record Far Cry 4's moments of abject beauty. Today I dove off a bridge into a river in search of a Mask of Yalung - there's a psycho-killer on the loose who leaves the masks at his crime scenes, and they're sort of a collectible - gotta' destroy 'em all.

      After I found the mask and emerged from the river, I started downstream to get back up to where the bridge was, and saw two figures standing a hundred yards away. I pulled up my camera to make sure they weren't enemy forces, and swam towards them. As I came up on to the beach, I noticed there were three - two standing and one sitting, looking out over the river and the edge of the forest.

      It was so... idyllic. Then we heard the cry of the eagle, which descended upon one of the women and fiercely attacked her, all slashing talons and pecking beak. I couldn't pull up my shotgun fast enough - it was already up and away, flying for the horizon.

      (Jazzy hands) Far Cry 4!

    2. Go for it. The idea of putting together moments that define a game sounds refreshing and new enough to be worth putting up on YouTube.