Saturday, November 8, 2014

Oh my God Ghost in the Shell is finally on bluray.

(Don't buy this.)
I mean, it was sort of already on bluray with Ghost in the Shell 2.0 - but 2.0 (at left) replaced a lot of the original art with up-to-date CGI, and the difference is totally jarring and totally unnecessary.  The original film is gorgeous and needed no re-touches - rather like the original Star Wars trilogy and those cursed "enhanced editions" I refuse to buy - but last night, when I went to an HMV to buy Venture Bros. Season 5 on bluray (which they didn't have), I stopped at the anime section and found this...

(Buy this.)
Now, I love Ghost in the Shell.  Love, love, love Ghost in the Shell, which remains the most intelligent and thought-provoking animated film I've ever seen, and I spun this case around in my hands for like five minutes trying to find something that proved it wasn't the 2.0 remaster in another form.  I read the text, I checked at the specs - no indication - but there, on the back, was an image from the original film.  An image that had been re-made in 2.0 with CGI.  It was original - clean, untouched, hand-drawn.

Bought!  I fired it in to the PS3 last night just to confirm that yes, this is a high-def bluray of the original film without any of the offensive new CGI, making it the definitive version of the legendary anime.  Praise be.

Also, Hellsing Ultimate's finale is out now!

I love Hellsing Ultimate for very different, less-respectable reasons, and my collection contained the first eight OVAs.  When I picked up IX - X, I had no idea it was the conclusion of the story, but last night, after Kayla had turned over, I put on my headphones and turned on the show.  This anime actually has a proper end!  And damned if it doesn't make me want to watch the whole thing over again.

Now, though, it occurs to me that my otherwise-very-respectable Ghost in the Shell collection is missing some key components.  I've got both mangas, the original movie and the TV series, but I'm missing Ghost in the Shell 2: Innocence and the new OVA, Arise (Arise 1 and 2 are on Netflix right now, by the way).

Good thing I've been tasked with putting together a Christmas list.

Dear Santa (Kayla, who hates Ghost in the Shell),

Please buy me Ghost in the Shell.  I have been a very good boy all year, when I'm not in my sin.


  1. Yes! A decent bluray of one of the best animated movies ever finally came out! This'll be a good Christmas item for me as well. The only downside I've heard of is that the subtitles are a bit sloppy.

    1. :/ Yeah. The reviews on Amazon are mixed because that issue.

    2. I tend to watch GitS with the dub anyway (that's how I first saw it, when I was a lad) so it's not a deal-breaker for me. Still - shame somebody didn't do a better job on it.

    3. Same here. I originally saw the dub, so that'll be the version for me.